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Season 2021
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Waiting list open!!

Unfortunately the waiting list is opened at this moment. This means that your registration is not definitive after you have sent it and therefore you have been put on the waiting list. If there's a free place you will be contacted by our team coordinator.

Registration form

In case of emergency, it is possible that someone needs to reach a contact person in order to inform them about the situation. We think it is important that in case of emergency we can help you as good as possible. Therefore, fill in the details of the contact person below!

Enter below until when you study and at what institution. In order to enroll you need to be a student at the 1st of September.


At the regular registration: we currently have a limited amount of spaces for students of other institutions than the HU/UU or the UCU. Keep in mind that there thus might be no place for you at Van Slag due to this, which means you will be put on the waiting list automatically.

Do you have plans to study in the future? If so, from when and until when?

You can only be a member of Van Slag if you are a student. Do you have plans to start studying again? If so, from when and until when?

You are allowed to be a member of Van Slag for 1 more year.

You are allowed to be a member of Van Slag for 2 more years.

You are allowed to be a member of Van Slag for 1 more year.


Sadly it is not possible for graduated students to register for Van Slag.


Sadly it is not possible for people in a gap year to register for Van Slag. Were you already a member?


Sadly it is not possible for non-students to register for Van Slag.

A lot of students travel abroad for an internships or to followcourses. It can also be that you are planning to travel abroad. To fill the gaps in the teams, we will ask you below to inform us if you are planning to travel abroad for a long period.

Do you have a favorite position? Or did you train for a certain position? Or don't you actually know what positions are? Mark below which positions you master.

Select one of the options below and fill in the information below.

Are you not a member of Van Slag? Then click enroll without a team.

If you don't have a team then you will be placed in a team which matches your level and requirements. Fill in the next questions as good as you can such that our team coordinator can match you as good as possible with a team.


If someone has already made a team, then they got a code of 6 characters. Fill in this code on the right.


Fill in the secret code of 6 characters.

Every activity of Van Slag such as parties, recreationary weekends and the outside tourney Van Gras are only possible because members voluntarily help the association. On the site you can find a description of every commission.

Van Slag currently knows the following commissions: introduction committee (IntroCie), activities committee (AcCie), party committee (FeCo), weekend commission (WeekendCie), hitchhike commission (LiftCie), tourney commission (ToCo), IT-commission (FixCie), legal commission (JuCie), year book commission (RedaCie), first year members committee (SjaarsCie), outside tourney committee (Van GrasCie), trainers commitee (TrainCie), beach committee (BeachCie) and the vault committee (KasCo).

If you have any questions or remarks about this form you can ask them here. Specific preferences regarding your registration can be placed here too (like not wanting to be with certain people in a team).

The Privacy Policy can be updated regularly so make sure to check it regulary as well.

The Olympas needs to be bought at the moment you are definitely accepted to Van Slag. The contribution will only be deducted if you are officially a member of Van Slag.